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Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge is a daring look at leadership, meaningful work, and inner growth. Join host Nancy Marmolejo, founder of The Itenco Institute and, as she explores what it means to be leading edge in today’s world. With insights into evolutionary leadership, conscious business, creativity, experimental thinking, and the genius we all hold inside, Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge will get you to think deeply about the impact you create in your business, leadership, and life. Visit for show notes and more.
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Aug 8, 2016

Remember as a child, how spellbound you were when being told a story? There’s something innate in us as humans that stories tap into. Our imaginations run wild envisioning the scene, and our bodies lean in wanting to know what happens next.

My guest today is Lisa Bloom,  a master storyteller who uses storytelling to challenge leaders to communicate more powerfully and show up more authentically.

Be sure to stay on to the very, very end of this episode! After completing a wonderful interview with Lisa Bloom, we realized she hadn’t even told us a story! The last few minutes of today’s episode will demonstrate how much wisdom and thought can be provoked through the power of story.

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About Lisa Bloom:

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach, works with organizations developing Transformational Story Leaders, creative yet resilient cultures, and leading powerful change processes with the power of storytelling.  She works with entrepreneurs and business owners that are overwhelmed and stressed to help them find confidence, attract ideal clients and make more money by finding their success story.  And she trains coaches to use storytelling as a powerful approach to impact their clients and grow their business.  

Lisa is a professional Storyteller, accredited Coach, Author, Mentor and Leadership expert. Her groundbreaking techniques have enabled her grow her business and take to the stage where she speaks internationally about this amazing approach to business, leadership and coaching. 

Lisa is the author of the Amazon bestseller "Cinderella and the Coach-the Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success!" and the creator of the Business Story Mastery & Certified Story Coach Programs. For more details:

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