Itenco: Lessons For the Leading Edge

Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge is a daring look at leadership, meaningful work, and inner growth. Join host Nancy Marmolejo, founder of The Itenco Institute and, as she explores what it means to be leading edge in today’s world. With insights into evolutionary leadership, conscious business, creativity, experimental thinking, and the genius we all hold inside, Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge will get you to think deeply about the impact you create in your business, leadership, and life. Visit for show notes and more.
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Itenco: Lessons For the Leading Edge


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Jun 27, 2016
On this episode, Nancy interviews Debra Ruh, an advocate for disability inclusion in the workplace. What Debra shares about her journey, how she ended up as an activist for disability inclusion, and the advice she gives for employers will shift your paradigm around disability. 
This interview is going to challenge your assumptions and open your mind to ideas that seldom cross people's minds. 
About Debra Ruh 

When told by "experts" that her daughter, Sara, who was born with Down's Syndrome, would be lucky to push shopping carts at the local grocery store, Debra Ruh refused to accept this. When she told friends and family that she was going to start a for profit organization that would help companies see the worth and potential in hiring disabled employees, she was met with skepticism. Why not start a nonprofit? And could such an idea be feasible? Debra's unshakable faith in the power of human potential and her love for her daughter, led her to create Tec-Access.  TecAccess was a ICT Accessibility firm and the majority of employees were technologists with disabilities.

By 2011, Debra had built TecAccess into a multi-million-dollar firm but realized that her mission was not yet complete. Convinced that "the real disability is being unable to see human potential" she went on to create Ruh Global and is a global disability inclusion strategist. She consults to Fortune 100 companies and nations including Kenya, Oman, Egypt and the Bahamas. Her daughter, Sara, is an internationally renowned keynote and motivational speaker who travels the world inspiring and encouraging others to follow their dreams."

Jun 20, 2016

On this episode, Nancy interviews leadership trainer, speaker, and executive mentor, Michele Molitor of Nectar Consulting. Michele’s passion is helping leaders find their “sweet spot”, that perfect intersection of values, purpose, passion and natural talents. Learn Michele’s 4 Pillars of Confidence to help you be a happy, successful leader.

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About Michele Molitor:

Michele Molitor is an Instigator of Inspiration.

She ignites new ideas, successful strategies and more authentic leadership in her audiences through her passion as a coach, consultant, trainer and speaker.

She is sure to stir the pot and get you thinking at the edge of your comfort zone, which inevitably leads to you shining more brightly and contributing your gifts more authentically to be the best leader you can be.

As a former “workaholic” and “whirling dervish” herself, Michele is uniquely qualified to help other smart, savvy leaders identify their “Genius Zone” so they can more effectively lead from their values, passions, and purpose. With an engaging style and interdisciplinary approach, she provides executives with the Emotional Intelligence tools to help them work smarter (not harder) and build high performing teams for accelerated outcomes and bottom line results.


Jun 13, 2016

There are so many shiny objects dangling about us, especially if you’re marketing a product or service. It can be very overwhelming!

On this episode, Nancy speaks with James Loomstein, managing director of Rogue Digital Marketing Agency based out of Dallas, Texas.

James will teach you a number of excellent lessons that will help you get a handle on digital marketing, decision making,  and leadership. He’s a wealth of information… if you’re looking for great digital marketing advice, consider this your on the spot training.

All on this episode of ITENCO: Lessons for the leading edge.

About James Loomstein:

With more than 15 years experience in strategic planning, digital marketing and consumer insights, James is all about staying a step ahead of the digital marketing status quo. An industry veteran with leading-agency experience, he set out to build an agency that would create compelling digital experiences, deliver actionable takeaways and customize digital efforts to unique consumer bases.

You can find James keeping  it Rogue delivering his opinions on the latest happenings in the Dallas sports world, as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and as a sought-after digital marketing speaker.

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Jun 6, 2016

The Power of Zero Tolerance with Isabelle Mercier

Will the real you please stand up? If you’re not willing to risk being who you are, then you’ll miss out on the power of being a stellar brand that changes the world and changes lives. But how do you do that? By having zero tolerance for the things that hold you back, says my guest Isabelle Mercier.  Discover how her 20+ years in branding have led her to this mission of changing the way we value ourselves and use that to communicate who we are and what we do in a way that shakes to the core. All today on itenco: Lessons for the leading edge.

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About Isabelle Mercier

As host of, one of North America’s Top Small Business

Influencers in 2012, Entrepreneur of the year at the 2003 Lauriers

de la PME, and one of the bestselling authors of the business and

marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s

Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy; Isabelle Mercier’s

sole purpose as a brand builder and business performance catalyst

is to empower change and growth.


Isabelle co-founded her first business venture a few years out of

her teens, which quickly escalated to become one of Canada’s most

awarded branding and creative firms; from prestigious international

design awards to national entrepreneur of the year. Isabelle is a

true pioneer in branding, and throughout her career has had the

opportunity to help hundreds of solopreneurs and small business

owners, as well as some influential brands such as A&W, Robeez

Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC

Investments just to name a few.


With over two decades of hands-on experience in branding and

business growth, as well as extensive learnings from traveling the

globe, Isabelle is determined more than ever to help solopreneurs

and small business owners all over the world catapult their way to

crazy success - while having a blast doing it.