Itenco: Lessons For the Leading Edge

Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge is a daring look at leadership, meaningful work, and inner growth. Join host Nancy Marmolejo, founder of The Itenco Institute and, as she explores what it means to be leading edge in today’s world. With insights into evolutionary leadership, conscious business, creativity, experimental thinking, and the genius we all hold inside, Itenco: Lessons for the Leading Edge will get you to think deeply about the impact you create in your business, leadership, and life. Visit for show notes and more.
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Itenco: Lessons For the Leading Edge


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Mar 28, 2016
What do legacy and success mean to you? In this episode, Nancy interviews author and thought leader Dr. Ken Christian. His work on achieving maximum potential in business and life has set him apart from other psychotherapists and coaches. He draws from a deep well of spiritual wisdom and life lessons to help you surpass what you thought was possible for yourself.
This episode's Daily Change Up is a real treat, so be sure to stick around to the end. 
Dr. Ken Christian
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Mar 21, 2016

In this episode, host Nancy Marmolejo shares the power of making one small tweak that can create massive results with the least amount of effort. Sometimes when we're face to face with a challenge, we may feel like torching everything and starting over from scratch. That can be very cathartic at times... but not always necessary! Inspired by a backyard basketball game and invoking the power of NBA great Steph Curry, this episode will give you afresh insight into activating change with ease, grace, and simplicity. For more resources related to this episode and others, be sure to go and sign up for show notes and much more. 

Mar 8, 2016

What’s this great force we call “Leading edge?”  Is it a single destination, a series of doorways, or an unreachable goal? And how do you even know what YOUR leading edge is anyhow? In this episode you'll discover 4 life-changing ways for you to be on your leading edge so you can lead, create, and connect more powerfully. Get downloads and show notes for this episode at And be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next episode!